Ginax Warehousing, which is owned and managed by Ginax Integrated Services Limited, is a FREE warehousing and order fulfilment service for resellers who shop from the Ginax Wholesale Store. You can buy in wholesale or bulk quantities from the store, make full payment, and we will store your items for FREE in our warehouse until you sell out.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5 pieces per wholesale order, same or mixed items, and we do NOT accept POD (payment on delivery) requests for wholesale orders. That is, we will NOT process any POD order directly to any customer, only prepaid or non-POD orders. If you wish to process POD orders to various customers across the country, look for and partner with reliable delivery agents in different towns and states. That way, whenever you have a POD order, we will ship the parcel to your private delivery agent in that location who will then process the POD order directly to your customer.


Step 1: Browse through our online store and select the products you need. You can submit your order online or on WhatsApp and don't forget to inform us that you want your order to be stored in our warehouse.

Step 2: We will verify your order and ask you to make payment. Once your payment is confirmed, we will arrange the items you booked and store them in our warehouse.

Step 3: Whenever you make a sale or have an order, just send the order details (name, number, items, quantity for each, and location or address) to our wholesale channel on WhatsApp (07011566010). We will inform you of the delivery fee.

Step 4: Once we confirm your payment, we will process the delivery and send you the driver or waybill number if the parcel is going outside Lagos.


For Home/Doorstep Deliveries: We charge 1000-2000 for home deliveries within Lagos and ₦3000-4000 for home deliveries outside Lagos, depending on the location. 

For Pick Up At Park: We charge #1500-2500 for small parcels going outside Lagos and your customer will pick up at the nearest motor park or from the driver. We will send you the waybill or driver's number once the delivery is processed and you will send it to your customer or private delivery agent.


Our free warehousing service is only available to our resellers and for items purchased from the Ginax Wholesale Store. 

For more details, contact our wholesale channel on WhatsApp at 0701 156 6010.