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Ginax International Enterprises (owners of has more than 25 years experience in the importation business in Nigeria. We are one of the first local businesses to visit China in 1999. 

We offer the following professional services for importers, eCommerce entrepreneurs and international suppliers who are interested in doing business in Nigeria:

  • ☑ Drop Shipping & Order Fulfillment

  • ☑ Bulk Sourcing & Payments

  • ☑ Custom Shopify Store Design 

  • ☑ Private Label & Branding

  • ☑ Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

  • ☑ Manufacturer's Representative

  • ☑ Pick Up & Delivery

  • ☑ Coaching & Training

  • ☑ Consulting & Advisory

  • ☑ Mentoring & Internship

Drop Shipping & Order Fulfilment: Local drop shipping is one of the fastest and surest ways of making money online, without keeping inventory or worrying about returns. It's far better and more profitable than drop shipping from AliExpress or any foreign online store as you will get high-grade items at very cheap prices, your orders and deliveries will be processed fast, and returns will be easy. Ginax Drop Shipping allows you to start your own online business from the comfort of your home, without worrying about renting shop, keeping stock, fulfilling orders, collecting cash on deliveries, processing returns or any other headaches. Everything is done for you, including collecting cash on delivery and processing returns, so you can focus on generating sales. To get started, visit our online store, create a free customer account, select the products you will like to drop ship (we focus on selected health, beauty, fitness, household, and phone accessories) to customers in Nigeria, add them to your online stores or marketplaces, and start marketing the products and your stores online. Drive traffic to your online store and once you generate any sales, send the order to us (including the receiver's details), make complete payment (if POD, pay only the delivery fee) and notify us of your payment. Once your order and payment is confirmed, we will quickly package the items, ship them directly to your customer, send you the waybill or driver's number if any so you can forward it to your customer, collect payment if it's a POD order, deduct the item cost if it's also a POD order and other fees, and remit your profits to your bank account. Click here for more details!
Bulk Sourcing & Payments: One of the most challenging things for big importers in Nigeria is searching for reliable suppliers, verifying the quality of their products and making bulk payments to suppliers on Alibaba and 1688. It's a risky move to a lot of big importers because of the amount of scammers and fake products on those platforms. Ginax Bulk Sourcing is the easiest, convenient and cost effective way of importing bulk or large number of items from China at the best manufacturing price. We are well experienced in using the Alibaba and 1688 platforms, and making payments for bulk purchases. Our minimum purchase order is $2000USD. That is, if the total cost of the items you want us to help you source per single request order is less than $2000, we will simply reject your procurement request and inform you about it. To request for our bulk sourcing service, you will simply fill out our online form in which you will provide us with the product links, product details and other necessary information you want us to know, and we will give you feedback in 2-3 working days. We will contact each of the suppliers, negotiate with them to get you the best pricing and if your supplier doesn't meet up to your product requirements, we will help you search for other reliable suppliers, negotiate with them and give you feedback. We charge a 5-10% service fee, depending on your total purchase order. Click here for more details!
Custom Shopify Store Design: If you're big importer and you're not selling online, you're truly missing out big time. Launching an ecommerce site enabled us to take our importation business online, expand our customer base, and increase our sales. Our online store was first hosted on WordPress but we later moved to Shopify ($29/month hosting fee) as it's one of the most secure and easy to use platforms for ecommerce. Ginax Shopify Store Design is for big importers who want to take their importation business online so they can start selling to customers across the country and in West Africa. We will create a professional looking store with products, pages, important apps, social media accounts, and so much more. We will also enlighten you on how to manage your online store. Click here for more details!
Private Label & Branding: Branding is one of the surest ways of standing out from the competition. If you're a big importer and want to private label or brand any of your products but don't know how to professionally go about it, we are here to help you. We will discuss with you to know what you really need, negotiate directly with your supplier or search for a better manufacturer in China, collaborate with you and the supplier, and order a customized sample that you will see before we book the main order. If the sample meets your requirements and no correction is needed, we will then book the main order and follow up with production. We can also help you negotiate for a customized packaging. You will enjoy all these and more by paying a 5-10% service fee, depending on the product and volume. Click here for more details!
Warehousing & Order Fulfillment: If we help you import any item and you are thinking of where to temporarily store the products, don't worry as we also offer warehousing services to our sourcing clients at a very affordable weekly/monthly fee. The first week is always FREE. We can also help you process deliveries from our warehouse to your customers nationwide. If you're drop shipping with us or you're one of our wholesale customers, you can also buy items in bulk, store them at our warehouse for FREE, and we will fulfill your orders, process your deliveries to your customers nationwide - including POD orders (after the delivery fees must have been paid for), update your inventory, deduct shipping costs and other fees, and remit your profit to your bank account. Click here for more details!
Manufacturer's Representative: If you're a manufacturer in China, India or Vietnam, you supply products that fall into any of our 
selected niches (health & beauty, fitness & weight loss, home & kitchen, and phone & car accessories), and you are interested in making money from the Nigerian market, we can act as your sales representative and help distribute your products to customers in Nigeria and Ghana. We have over 25 years experience in the importation business in Nigeria and have been visiting China since 1999 for international business transactions. Click here for more details!
Pick Up & Delivery: Executing fast deliveries is one of the biggest challenges importers and ecommerce entrepreneurs face in Nigeria and that's why we are working hard towards setting up our own very small logistics company so we can offer fast deliveries to our customers in Lagos and efficient logistics services to our drop shipping partners. Ginax Logistics, when properly set up, will also offer pickup and delivery services to importers and ecommerce entrepreneurs in Lagos. Stay tuned!
Coaching & Training: We know there are a lot of big and experienced importers, and most especially those in the big markets, who are thinking of how to take their importation businesses online and sell to customers across the country. Ginax Coaching is strictly for you. Our own sales skyrocketed when we launched our online store. We will coach you on how to create a professional ecommerce site on Shopify ($29/month hosting fee), how to add products and pages to your store, how to create product categories, how to optimize your store so it can be visible on Google, how to install important apps in your store, how to set up your payments and shipping options, how to drive traffic to your online store, how to add a secretary or sales person with limited access to your online store so they can check and fulfill orders, how to manage your online store, and so much more. You will need a laptop, an Internet connecting device, data subscription, a one-month hosting plan of $29, a one-year domain name registration fee of $14, and our one-time service fee (starts from #100,000). Once you have all of these ready, fill our online coaching form and Jerry will get in touch with you to schedule a 3-day intensive coaching. You will also enjoy a one-month FREE support and follow up from Jerry as regarding setting up your online store.
Consulting & Advisory: We offer professional advice that helps importers and ecommerce entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their businesses to the next level. Our consulting and advisory services include but not limited to products and suppliers research, negotiating and pricing tactics, bulk payment strategy with manufacturers, air and sea shipping combination strategy, marketing and sales strategies, private label and branding, business growth strategy, Shopify store design and management, critical thinking, developing an entrepreneurial mindset, moving your importation business online, and so much more. I will schedule a virtual or physical appointment with you after your consulting request has been accepted and fee confirmed. Click here to fill our online consultation form and we will get in touch with you within 2 working days!
Mentoring & Internship: Ginax Mentorship Program (GMP) aims to help importers and ecommerce entrepreneurs GET THINGS DONE in their importation and ecommerce businesses. Our experienced mentors will help you do more of what works and ditch what doesn’t by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with you. The goal of this mentorship program is to help you get ONE thing done per mentoring session and which usually lasts 1-3 weeks, depending on the issue or challenge. We will search and connect you with the right mentor that will help you tackle that ONE single problem you want to solve. Some of our mentees will also have the opportunity to work with us in our importation and ecommerce business to gain some practical experiences. To join the GMP as a mentee, you must first become a member of our Importation Business Group on Facebook. Click here for more details!
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