• Treat hemorrhoid
  • Treat anal fissure
  • Remove putrid tissues
  • Treat prolapse of the anus
  • Restore dilated and inflamed veins

Are you suffering from serious hemorrhoid or pile? Our Anti-Hemorrhoid Gel relieves inflammation, burning, itching and soreness in the anus or rectum. It is effectively used in treating hemorrhoid (pile), anal fissure, putrid tissues, and promoting tissue regeneration in the anus. Order yours now!

  • Relieves itching, burning, and discomfort
  • Relief internal and external hemorrhoids discomfort
  • Gives a cooling effect
  • Rapid, soothing hemorrhoid pain relief
  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissue
  • Aids in protecting irritated areas
  • Main Ingredients: Herbal Cork, Sophora, Licorice, Menthol, Calamine (calcined), Glycerin, and Carbopol 940
  • Specification: 7 gels per pack


1. Wash your hands, remove the protective cap at the front end of gel tube and slowly insert the gel-loaded pusher into the anus.

2. Push the gel into the anus with the booster rod.

3. Use one daily. 5-7 days as a full course treatment.


1. Do not use it if you are pregnant.

2. It is for external use, can not be used for oral administration.

3. More vegetables and fruits will prevent constipation.

4. Be moderated in smoking and drinking, and abstain from peppery or greasy food.

5. Those who has glaucoma should do it carefully.

6. Please keep the medicine in a place far away from children.

Hemorrhoid (Pile) Treatment Gel | Hemorrhoid Treatment Ointment

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