Vitamin C has been getting a ton of hype lately—and not just for boosting your immunity (though it does that, too). It’s also a powerful, complexion-enhancing addition to any skincare routine—especially as a serum. The antioxidant not only brightens skin, but helps in treatimg blemishes, roughness, redness, scars, and more—leaving you with a smooth, glowy complexion. But what of its exceptional anti-aging properties? In fact, that’s what really makes Vitamin C shine. Orders yours now!


There are three ways Vitamin C skincare beauty products help minimize fine lines, sagging, sun damage and other telltale signs of aging skin.

1. Photoprotection: It reduces the free radicals which cause (premature) photoaging.

2. Improving Dark Spots: It improves hyperpigmentation (dark spots) by inhibiting melanin formation.

3. Anti-Aging: It helps to repair fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production.

Natural Vitamin C Body and Hair Oil (100ML)

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